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How do people make money through hedge funds and the future value of stocks, if no one knows what the future value of the stock will be in a week, let alone in a year or more..
Good question. When you buy a share, you buy part of a company, which entitles you to their dividends. If the company is just a mediocre performer, it should on average show an increase in profit at least equal to the growth of the economy, over the long
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Rod Lowe and Nick Brummer spent almost two years automating the advice process for clients who are interested in making a unit trust investment. They could potentially provide a much needed low-cost service to online investors who have already decided to invest in unit trusts, but just need help deciding between hundreds of portfolios. I have some criticism, though. (read more...) 

Fill or kill order - an instruction to a broker to either execute the entire share order immediately or cancel it.